Refresh a filter via a db update instead of clicking refresh filter cache?

Angela Orbien shared this question 1 week ago
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I have a piece of master data that is common across hundreds of reports.

The list of valid values in the data has changed. It is taking too long to try to update each report by clicking refresh filter cache. Is there a way to do it at the database level instead?

If so can you please share the sql to do so


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Further to this, can i do a

update yfinadm.cachedfiltervalue set cachedvalue=<NEW VALUE> where cachedvalue=<OLD VALUE>;


Hi Angela,

yes that will work, and just be aware that you won't actually see the new cached filter values until you restart Yellowfin afterwards, that is because backend modifications don't automatically update the application's local cache (i.e. Yellowfin caches most of its metadata locally so it is quicker to retrieve than querying the database).

And I have to remind you because we always remind clients who are going to undertake backend modifications - make sure you back up your database immediately beforehand.