Reference Code format not prevailing when using "Concatenate" Advanced Function

Alicia Beltran shared this question 5 months ago

Using application 8.0.9 version.

Here's the expectation for Year and Month concatenate fields, the format for Month must include a zero:

2020 09

2020 10

2020 11

2020 12

2021 01

2021 02

Using Reference Codes helps to show the Month format as desired, however, when this field is concatenated (using Advanced Function), the format of the reference code is not prevailing:


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I was able to figure this out.

It is required to create an additional Reference Code, using in "Code" the values as the Concatenate function is displaying the data:


After using the Concatenate function, just change the format of the field to use above Reference Code.


HI Alicia,

Thanks for reaching out with your question. Glad to see you were able to come up with a solution for this! I'll mark this question as Answered, hopefully this info will be useful to someone else in the Community!