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Sayed Azharuddin shared this question 2 years ago

I have a report with 30 minutes refresh settings, it is placed on a dashboard. My question is, will it refresh automatically after 30 minutes on the dashboard even if the dashboard is not refreshed? If yes great if not then how can we achieve this? Basically the dashboard will be displayed on a big screen and nobody is refreshing it, the only report that would be needed to refresh is this one with 30 minutes.

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Hey Sayed,

When using reports on a dashboard, and wanting them to refresh on schedule, you just need to worry about the dashboard report refresh time.


That option was designed for the exact use-case you mentioned. You don't even need to worry too much about individual report refreshing honestly, just set up the one on the dashboard. Doing it this way means;

1. The dashboard will show the data based on your refresh schededule.

2. Each time you open the report it will run, showing the live data.

Hope this clarifies everything, and please let me know if you needed anything further here.



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