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Stefan Dicu shared this question 2 years ago

Dummy question - why cant i set the canvas size when ding a Present? Seems to be missing in the menu


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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for reaching out to support with your question.

Currently there's no way to manually define the Present Canvas Area, which kind of surprises me, but I could create a developer task to look into possibly including this functionality in a future version, would you be interested in pursuing that route?

We do have a dev task set to be included in upcoming 9.5 release that will improve the "full screen" functionality with canvas; not sure of the implementation in this case, but maybe this will help your situation?

Otherwise, you may be able to set the canvas size manually currently with a custom code solution; I could get you in touch with a consultant about potential assistance with this if you were interested?




Hi Eric, that's such a pity...i was looking into the possibility to use presentation but this is definitely a showstopper since only 40% of the screen is visible.

No need to go further on this , i will just not use Presentation.

Thanks for your assistance.

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