PDF export of Report not splitting data

Rohan Hazarika shared this question 3 years ago

I have a created a report. When i am trying to export the report as PDF, i am observing the following:

1. When my date range is ~15 days, it fits the whole report into a single page (correct and desired behaviour)

2. When my date range is ~3-4months, its splitting the data across multiple pages (correct and desired behaviour)

3. When my data set is ~1month, the whole data does not fit into the first page (because of title and other header images), YF PDF export is creating a PDF with my first page just having the title and header images, and the whole data in the second page. So basically in my PDF export of the report, the first page just contains the title and header image, and the rest is blank. And then my second page contains the data. (Not desired behaviour)

How can i make YF split the data similar to situation 2.

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Hey Simon

Yellowfin is embedded into our product and as such info.jsp comes up with nothing. Attaching a few screenshots with some system properties. Let me know if that helps or if you'd want some more details.




Also, is it recommended to have JAVA FX installed?


Hi Simon

The JAVA didnt really give us any additional options for the PDF export. And we are still facing the same issue. Let me reiterate my issue again and maybe you can help me find a solution for it.

Consider that i have a report with some header title and images at the top, which is taking up 1/4 of the page. Now i have a table below it with my data. When opening up the report in YF, it looks good. However, when im exporting the report as a PDF, my first page only contains the header and title, and the table is in the second page.

I am guessing this is because YF figures that it cant fit the whole table in the first page and can fit it in the second page. Is there a way where i can force YF to split the table across 2 pages. As you can imagine, the PDF report does not look very professional with only the header/title in the first page (with 3/4 of it being blank) and then having the table in the second page.

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