Organisation reference code deletion

Darryl Davies shared this question 3 years ago

Can you completely delete organisation reference codes? Got some that are no longer used, the views have been deleted but the reference codes are still present.

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Hi Darryl,

Thank you for reaching out. In the 7.3 release of Yellowfin, a delete button has been added to the reference code menu of the administration console!

Unfortunately, accomplishing this task in earlier versions is slightly more difficult, and will require you edit the configuration database, which is not usually recommended and not officially supported.

In the screenshot below I have searched my configuration database for an organization reference code ("TESTORGCODE") created at the view level with 6 values populated from the database. In order to completely remove the reference code you will need to delete the appropriate lines from each of the tables listed.


Note that if you have already deleted the view, you may not need to delete it from reportfieldtemplate. I would suggest performing a similar search on your own configuration database.

Please let me know if this does not meet your needs or if you have any questions on this process.



Thanks. As 7.3 is not far away may wait until we upgrade to play safe.