New installation but cannot create report

David Registro shared this question 3 years ago

New installation but cannot create report

No option to create report

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There are a few things you need in order to create a report.

1. A data source connection.

This can be a direct DB connection, or a connection using a connector.

2. A valid view that you have the ability to report off.

This means the view must be active, and that you have access to it.

3. A valid content folder to store the report/view.

This means the category must be active and you have permissions to save into it.

4. YF Role permissions to create content.

Roles can be set and configured in a multitude of ways, so it's always good to ensure that your role has create report abilities.

If you still have troubles after ensuring you've met the above requirements, please raise a support ticket/problem with the team.



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