Multiple tables in a single report

Rohan Hazarika shared this question 3 years ago


I have a report which has 4 different tables (each with its own query). Is it possible to create such a report in Yellowfin?

From what I have read so far, I understand that you can use co-display reports to either display 2 different reports in one or use tabbed reports. But this is limited to 2 reports/tabs in a single report.

Am i correct in understanding that for the 4 different tables (each with a different query), i will have to create 4 different reports. But will only be able to combine 2 of them into a single co-display report?

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Thanks for that.

And just to reiterate, its not possible to have a single report with multiple queries and multiple tables? I'd have to create individual reports and then create a co-display report and combine all the individual ones?


That helped, thanks a lot Simon


Thanks for the confirmation Rohan!

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