Move a value up and down along a background image

Sam shared this question 2 years ago


My organization currently makes this chart by manually updating the value each time, see attached. Kind of like a thermometer chart, but the goal is zero, so the built-in Yellowfin chart type is not appropriate and we have our own graphic scale.

I have the blank background image and see how to use it in a chart's background. Now what I would like is for the "RESULTS ->" pointer to go up and down based on the most recent value in my data.

I got the data set up with date = max date so I have one row to work with. And I think I can get the Y-axis scale to match the thermometer's by setting it to say, -6 to 32.

But I'm struggling with chart type selection. Any advice on how I could use Yellowfin to make the indicator mark move up or down on this fixed image to get something like the attached?

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Good to know, I appreciate the quick response Simon!


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