Long running report: "No Access""You must be logged in to view this report."

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Good afternoon,

we're currently using YF 9.7.0 (Build 20211124) on an OCI environment.

Email funtionality goes with one FROM address, which we also filled in in yellowfin (broadcast and notification email address). In order to prevent the error "535 Authorization failed: Envelope From address <xxxx@xxx.xx> not authorized (in reply to MAIL FROM command))", our dba used "Postfix parameter sender_canonical_maps".

The test mail works fine, so did sharing a report via email.

When trying to get the result of a long running report via mail, we do get an email. However, under the header part we get "No Access""You must be logged in to view this report." instead of the report content (See also attached).

Could you please advice on this? Thanks in advance,


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Hey Marco,

I hope you are well

Just to let you know, as you have create a duplicate ticket, I am going to mark this public post as closed - So we can continue working on this within the private ticket - I hope thats ok :)

Best Wishes,


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