Link Reports By Sections

Renato Marcello dos Reis shared this question 5 years ago

Hello Everyone,

I've posted a question on community about the feature of link reports by sections, who was very well answered, but unfortunately, the Yellowfin does not allow it.

I Would like to share this thought and hope it can be implemented anytime.

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Hi Renato,

Thank you for reaching out with your idea. Unfortunately, there actually is an existing idea to Use Sections as a Filter. Based on what you are asking for here, it seems to be the same request at least. You can reference that Community Idea here: 2227, which also contains some neat potential workarounds. As a heads up though, this Idea is marked as Not Planned. Since this is an existing idea I'm going to close this one out, but if you have any other questions on this, you can respond and it will re-open and I'll be glad to assist further.



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