Is there an event that is fired for the removal of a dashboard bookmark?

Dillon Hoefener shared this question 2 years ago

I have a dashboard with custom code widgets, dashboard JS, and custom JavaScript charts and found that when I removed a default filter bookmark the report did not update accordingly.

To handle this, I need account for this scenario in my code. I didn't find anything in the wiki on the JS API references for this, and tested to see what filter events would fire when this happened, and only the 'applied' and 'changed' events fire when a bookmark is removed while its filters are applied, which are not useful for handling this.

Running YF 9.5.1.

Please advise.

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Hi Simon,

That would be good. My expectation is that the reports tied to the filters included in the bookmark would be rerun after the removal of the bookmarks because the filters are changed at that time. I don't necessarily think that Yellowfin should force this behavior, but I would at least like the ability to differentiate between the filters being removed as a result of the bookmark removal vs. a manual change to the filter value.

I'm saying this because I need the ability to decide programmatically how to handle this case vs. a manual filter change.


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