Is there a Yellowfin mobile app?

David Registro shared this question 6 years ago

Is there an app that lets me connect to my YF instance?

..and if so, how do I use it?

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Yup there sure is.

We have both an iOS app, and an Android app. (No Windows app as yet, though if we do get enough demand for it, we can consider it).

Both apps require that you have an existing Yellowfin instance to connect to, so before trying to install the app, you should ensure that your device can reach the Yellowfin server. This can be done by opening your mobile browser and using the Yellowfin URL.

E.g. http://Davids-Macbook-Pro:8080 or

The apps are essentially 'readers', and do not give you the ability to create your own content. You can however collaborate on content via the app.

More information on mobile apps can be found on our wiki here.

For anything else, please reach out to us.



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