Is there a way to update filter values based on user click on a single report?

Jonathan Allen shared this question 2 weeks ago
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I have a report where I want the user to be able to click on a value and have the filters update for that report. What I have done for now is set up a drill through back to the same report that sets the filters the way I need, but the user experience isn't ideal because this breaks the breadcrumb feature in YF (breadcrumb gets stuck in a loop and the user cannot actually go back).

Is there a way to have filter values update on a single report without having to drill away from the report? For example, have a field that when clicked updates one filter to match the context clicked, but sets all other filters to "omit".

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Hi Jonathan,

unless I've misunderstood you, I believe that the Yellowfin feature called "Bookmarks" could help you meet your reporting requirements.

Please have a read of the wiki article on Bookmarks and let me know what you think.




Thanks Dave, but this isn't actually what I'm looking for. What I've done to get close to what I need is set up a drill through from one report to itself. So for example:

1. A user looking at the report with some filters applied sees a value they want more information about.

2. They click that value which drills through to the same report, but with all other filters omitted other than the value they clicked on

3. Result is that they are looking at the same report, but now showing all information related to the value they clicked in step 2

This gets me close to what I need, but drilling from one report to itself breaks the YF breadcrumb functionality, so it's hard for the user to get back to where they were. Is there some other way to allow a user to dynamically update the filters in a report by clicking rather than having to manually set the filters?


Hi Jonathan,

I guess if you were integrating Yellowfin into an application then you could do some programming using web services to load the report with different combinations of filter values, but in the end that would most probably end up being the same sort of solution as Bookmarks. For example, if a report has 2 filters, Gender & Demographic, then you would create a set of Bookmarks called:

"Gender=Female, Demographic=Omit"

"Gender=Male, Demographic=Omit"

"Gender=Omit, Demographic=Sport"

"Gender=Omit, Demographic=Adventure"

"Gender=Omit, Demographic=Luxury"

with which the user could load all of the filters in just one click. But I can see that if you had just a few more filters and a few more filter values then you would have to create many different bookmarks to cater for all of the possible combinations of different filter values, and that could be quite a bit of extra work for you to do, and also I guess the large array of bookmarks would look a bit daunting to the user.

I think your solution is good, and in fact I tried it over here and the strange thing is that the breadcrumbs worked for me!

So I think we should investigate why they are not working for you, that is perhaps the more pertinent issue.

I have attached a video of my version of your solution for you to see, I was using the latest build of 7.3, which build are you using? Also, if you see something I am doing differently than you please let me know, so I can correct it and thus make my replication of the issue more authentic to yours.

Maybe if it is possible for you, can you send me a video that demonstrates the breadcrumbs breaking?