Is there a way to hide / mask data for certain columns

Ronald shared this question 1 year ago

One of our clients has requested us to show all data in a report. However, there's users that are only allowed to see a small portion.

They should be able to see the headings, but NOT the data. Is there a way to mask the data is certain columns based on the logged in user? (I can figure out a work around, but it would be nice it there's a way to do something like this.

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Hi Ronald,

There are a few ways of doing this, however, it depends on how the data is structured!

Do users belong to different groups that are identifiable so you could secure the data if there is an association?

If so, you can modify the SQL to use a CASE statement that would allow you to pick what data was available based on their role/group

There is also the possibility of doing a "View Substitution" which would also allow only certain things to be seen dependingon user role.

I hope this helps!

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