Is there a way to hide / mask data for certain columns

Ronald shared this question 5 years ago

One of our clients has requested us to show all data in a report. However, there's users that are only allowed to see a small portion.

They should be able to see the headings, but NOT the data. Is there a way to mask the data is certain columns based on the logged in user? (I can figure out a work around, but it would be nice it there's a way to do something like this.

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Hi Ronald,

There is essentially 2 things worth discussing here;

1. Access Filters - This controls the data being returned in the report. So users will only see data relevant to them.

2. Secured columns - This controls what columns users are able to use when creating reports. This does not impact existing reports, just stops users from dragging in columns in reports they don't have access to.

There is obviously a lot more info we could go into, though I'd suggest checking out what is currently available and then reach out if you need any additional information, as we would be happy to help.

Best regards, Pete

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