Is it possible to batch change a field name in filter custom queries?

Siim Neljandik shared this question 5 years ago

Let's say I want to change the filter query "select name from location" to "select fullname from location" in all the reports where it exists. Would it be possible to do this without going to all the separate reports and manually changing it?

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Hi Siim,

before I directly anser your question, I am obliged to inform you that officially we do not support backend modifications to the Yellowfin configuration database.

However, if you are aware of that and still want to go ahead then you could try the following query:

UPDATE TextData 
SET DataChunk = 'select fullname from location' 
WHERE DataChunk = 'select name from location'

and then restart Yellowfin (or refresh the application's local caches as described in this Knowledge Base article)

I gave it a quick try and it seemed to work for me.



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