How to update YellowFin corporate colors?

Tony Ursino shared this question 2 years ago

Throughout the application, YF has used blue #009EEC for dashboard headers, report icons, and random pop-ups and pages.

Is there a way this color can be replaced system-wide? As I would like to swap out blue #009EEC, with a dark grey color HEX# 313236 that matches our corporate guidelines.

I found in admin where I can update my report headers and roll-overs, but didn't see anything related to the core site colors.

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Hello Tony,

That is definitely possible!

We have resources on restyling Yellowfin here, This section in particular may be what you are looking for,

Or look at the section about Custom CSS in the first link.

You can get as creative as you want, but if you need help implementing the styling you will want to work with a professional web developer. Support isn't equipped for that kind of work, although we do have folks here that can help as part of a paid engagement if you require.

Please let me know how it goes, and have a great day!


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