How to stop table column widths auto resizing in dashboards

Nigel Smith shared this question 2 years ago

We have produced a tabular report that is then displayed in a dashboard that is refreshed every so many seconds to provide a near real time update on user status.

The users can select an Unavailable reason in the client app that they use and the description of these statuses can vary in length. When agents choose a status the "Status" column either expands or shrinks automatically to match the longest length description. This is slightly annoying as the table columns are constantly resizing themselves. Ive attached a small mp4 file that shows this using only 2 members of staff but in real life this could be 50 - 200 users all changing status.

We have tried setting the column width in the report column data formatting, turning off word wrap and setting the max number of characters but nothing seems to stop the dashboard from auto resizing the columns.

The only thing that came close to making a difference was padding the the column header label out with additional characters from "Status" to "----- Status -----"

This seemed to improve things slightly although the dashboard seemed to add some additional padding on the widths of the columns.

For Ref - we are using the following version of softwareSystem Information

Application Version:7.3


Java Version:1.7.0_21

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Hello Nigel,

Thanks for reaching out with your question. At present, the Column formatting is only applied at a Report Level. Dashboards attempt to display the data in the best way according to the set dashboard width. After reviewing this with my colleagues, we've determined this is more of a feature than a bug.

That being said, this would be a great candidate for an Idea. Ideas are created as candidates for Enhancement Requests. Before becoming a request, ideas will be reviewed by our Product Team and chosen for Enhancements based on feasibility, level of positive impact to the user experience, and votes from the community. I've gone ahead and created the Idea under your name, you can monitor the status of its progression here.

On the note of a work around, there's nothing I can add to the process you've already implemented to somewhat work around the issue. I understand this may not be the news you were hoping for and am sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing in the mean time. Please let me know if you have any further questions on this.




Hi Nigel,

I'm going to go ahead and mark this as Answered, since it's been moved over to an Idea. Please let me know if you have any further questions or issues.