How to setup default filters using the same reference id

Arthur Jalmusny shared this question 3 years ago

Is there a easy way to setup default filters in a dashboard according with the users logged and using the same reference id from the source filters?

See a sample below:

User = John

Dashboard filter options:

  • 1-Brasil (Default filter)
  • 2-USA
  • 3-Japan
  • 4-Canada
  • 5-Argentina

User = Mary

Dashboard filter options:

  • 1-Japan (Default filter)
  • 2-Canada
  • 3-Argentina
  • 4-Brasil
  • 5-USA

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Hi Arthur,

no, from what I can make out from your example I'm sorry but there is no easy way for YF to meet your requirement. However there is already an existing Enhancement Request (152363 - "Default Filter Values & Source Filters") for this so I will make a note in it that you are interested in it too.