How to change sort order in Tooltips

Frank Caruso shared this question 3 years ago

I sorted the data returned by the group percent value descending but this did not affect the tool tip data sort order. From what I can tell it is sorting by the support group name ascending. I checked the Sort By and Sort settings for support group on the chart and it is set to Alphanumeric and Descending. Not sure why it is showing in Ascending order on the tooltip.

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for reaching out to support with your question. This tooltip sorting issue has shown up is certain cases, and we have a developer task created to address this. Hopefully it will be resolved in an upcoming version.

As a client of BMC I can't provide updates for this task or support via this channel unfortunately; can I ask you get in touch with the BMC team to get this logged on their behalf?

Thanks, Eric


I can do that.

Appreciate the answer.


Thanks for understanding, Frank.

If you do get in touch with BMC about this, you can refer them to this ticket YFN-21909, so they can pick this back up. If I can get confirmation from them, and they are added to the affected client list, we may be able to get extra attention and faster resolution on this.



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