How to apply two analytical functions on the same field?

Chetan shared this question 1 week ago
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Hi Team!

I would like to apply two analytical functions on the same column within a report but not sure whether this is possible.

Firstly we have to apply the Analytical Function "Running/cumulative Total" grouped by a dimension in order to get correct values. Afterward, we would like to create a difference of two columns of these means using the respective analytical function and handle the negative values.

The main aim is to get the Balance. (Running Total-Total Amount)

Is it possible to apply two analytical functions on the same report column in a certain order?

As a workaround, I tried to do running total functions as a calculated field at the view level but I am not able to do it as multiple table joins are involved. Any idea how can this be achieved?

And how to handle negative values(Negative to Zero) in the column. And also I am not able to do it using calculated field as we can't use the columns with advanced functions applied.




Hi Chetan,

Thanks for reaching out to support with your question.

I'm having trouble trying to recreate your scenario in our ski team tutorial dataset. The advanced function is not the same, but it should still be applicable. Here's what I have so far:

9bf2abf3ecc7dd83170a9449d348be13Can you help by providing additional instructions or create an example of your own to illustrate the report objectives?