How do we enable Augmented Data Discovery?

David Registro shared this question 6 years ago

How can I start using insights? I don't seem to have it on my reports or dashboards.

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It's important to understand there are currently 2 components to Augmented Insights:

  • Assisted Discovery: Shown at the report builder, Yellowfin auto-generates charts and insights, which are added as actual charts to your report.
  • Instant Insights: Shown on the report charts by right-clicking a chart (or hovering for a few seconds). Provides a deeper explanation of your data. Once generated, the analysis can be saved and shared.

1. In order to use either of these options, you first need to enable via the appropriate role functions below.


2. You then must, log out, and back in for the options to be made available.

3. For Assisted Discovery, it's really just a matter of clicking on the lightning bolt icon, at the report builder.

It is recommended that you do some further reading on our wiki to get a better understanding.


4. For Instant Insights, you first need to configure your view fields so Yellowfin knows how to create these suggestions for you.

The below is an extremely basic guide, so it's strongly recommended to read up on this via our wiki.


4.i Finalise your setup via the General Settings / Key Variable tabs.


4.ii Save your view.

4.iii Create some report charts based on the above view

4.iv. If you now right click on these charts (or hover over these charts for a few secconds) you will get the 'Auto Analyse' option, which gives you your instant insights.


For anything else, please reach out to the YF support team via, or via the YF community.



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