How do I upgrade Tomcat?

David Registro shared this question 7 years ago

I understand Yellowfin will include the latest officially supported Tomcat version on new installs, but if I perform a YF upgrade it won't upgrade Tomcat.

How can I upgrade Tomcat?

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You're correct in that Tomcat is installed with your initial YF installation, and is then not touched with subsequent YF upgrades. As of right now:

  • Yellowfin 7.1 ships with Tomcat 7
  • Yellowfin 7.2 ships with Tomcat 7
  • Yellowfin 7.3 ships with Tomcat 8

You can go ahead and manually upgrade Tomcat by downloading the latest version of Tomcat from Apache direclty, and following the guide here.

Keep in mind however that not all Tomcat releases have been officially tested by Yellowfin so may not be 'fully supported'. We will still assist you as best as possible, and raise any tasks with the dev team if need be.



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