How do I start using the JavaScript API v3

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We have recently upgraded to the latest Yellowfin version 9.2 and would like to start using the new JavaScript API v3. How do we get started?

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Firstly, it's worth mentioning doing anything with the Javascript API requires a certain level of technical skills, and while a lot can be accomplished with little expertise, it may require that dev/guru level of knowledge to really make the most of it within your own application. The Yellowfin Support Team will provide assistance where possible, though there may come a point in time where the team will need to put in a service request with our integration specialists via your CSM.

The Yellowfin JavaScript API has two main purposes:

  1. It can be used to embed Yellowfin content into your web application and to manipulate that content.
    Yellowfin content that can be embedded in this way includes reports (tables, charts and canvas) as well as entire dashboards (both Canvas and traditional grid style).
  2. It can be used to create custom logic in a Code Mode dashboard from within Yellowfin.
    This can allow customization of the user experience within Yellowfin, or can be used to embed application logic into a dashboard.

Getting started.

To get started, you will need to setup your permitted domains as yhe Yellowfin JavaScript API is dependent on Cross Origin Resource Sharing(CORS). By default, any CORS request that is made to the Yellowfin server will be rejected.

To enable CORS, go to the Admin Console in Yellowfin and add the server URL to the general configuration options. This can be found in Administration -> Configuration -> System -> General Settings

You may enter more than one URL.


Once this is enabled on your Yellowfin server you can start to embed your content.

For more details on using the JavaScript API v3, please see our wiki article here.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, or run into any issues.



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