How do I limit report to last 10 non sequential dates?

Nick Eddy shared this question 5 years ago

I am trying to build a report showing last 10 events based on event date.

My problem is that the Top N advanced functions used in tutorials & examples are not available for datetime fields, so how do I rank using the date?

I cannot use the ID field as they are not in sequence with the event date field.

Other option is to sort by event date, then set the report row limit to 10, but then Yellowfin displays the truncated data set message which I don't want.

Any ideas to get around this?

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Hi Nick,

One idea here is to use a time difference calculation to get the difference between now and the event date as an integer (seconds). You can then run the Top N on top of that value. Let me know if this makes sense!



Hi Nathan,

Thanks, worked it out similar to suggestion - created calculated field converting event date to unix timestamp which I then applied rank function to.



Glad to hear its worked out!

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