How do I enable BIRT reporting in Yellowfin 7?

Nathan Schroeder shared this question 6 years ago

When attempting to enable BIRT reporting, I stumbled across this document:

Are the steps in this document still applicable?

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The steps for enabling BIRT reporting have changed slightly since the 5.0 release.

1. Yellowfin currently ships with an adapter for BIRT version 4.3.1. As this adapter will work for all versions of BIRT up through 4.5, it will first be necessary to download an appropriate runtime package for this adapter:

Note: in this case I am using the 4.3.1 build. To enable a more recent build, simply change "4_3_1" to the relevant build number in each of the following steps.

2. Once this has been downloaded, extract the entire 'birt-runtime-4_3_1' folder into:



3. We will next need to tell Yellowfin to look for this folder on startup. Open the '' file in any text editor. This file can be found here:


4. Add the following argument to the shared.loader line, then save:



5. Restart Yellowfin. The startup process will take slightly longer than normal, but once it has been completed, the BIRT Reporting option will now be available in the advanced authoring section of the report creation prompt.



Great information, We are using BMC Smart Reporting ( YellowFin community based version). Would i be able to enable Birt reporting? BMC has disabled many of the features.

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