How do I define a view with 1:M relationship and use it in report with 1:1 rolling up child table

Girish Kale shared this question 5 years ago

I have a requirement whether my view has 2 tables. 1 Parent the other child with multiple rows for a parent value.

I want the view to help me with 2 eporting needs.

1. Where i want to show the 1:M relationship in a report using the view.

2. Other where i want to group the child by each unique parent and display data. Say e.g. Display the count of children for each parent.

Can I do this with single view?


Girish Kale

BMC Software.

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Hi Girish,

1. A good way to show the unique parent values with their multiple child values is to use the Suppress Duplicates options on the parent values column:



2. A good way to do a count of the children for each parent is to set the aggregation of the child values to Count as shown below:



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