How do I connect with the Yellowfin mobile app?

David Registro shared this question 1 year ago

I've downloaded and installed the app, now what do I do?

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The Yellowfin mobile app will connect to an existing Yellowfin instance and does not store any data on the device, all the data/settings will come directly from the Yellowfin server itself.

If you do not currently have a Yellowfin instance you can connect to, you can connect to the Yellowfin Demo instance which is included with the app.

Connecting the app to your Yellowfin instance is actually pretty easy, given that you know the connection settings, and your device can actually get to your Yellowfin server.

Before trying to connect via the app, you should ensure that your device can reach the Yellowfin server. This can be done by opening your mobile browser and using the Yellowfin URL.

e.g. http://Davids-Macbook-Pro:8080 or

Once you have confirmed you can hit the server and login, you can set up your connection within the mobile app.The connection settings for your app will differ slightly depending whether your using the Android or iOS app, the following wiki article goes through setting up your connection along with a basic user guide.

As usual, please reach out to us if you have any other questions.



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