How can I sum data on a rolling 12 months

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I have a customer who would like a report showing a rolling 12 months consumption but with each month showing the total of the previous 12 months i.e. Oct 18- Sept 19, Nov 18 - Oct 19 etc.

The report for the rolling 12 months has been created (see below) showing the consumption for each month but I am struggling to work out how to sum the previous 12 months on a rolling basis. Please could you advise if this is even possible and if so, how it could be done.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi Simon

I was able to get the report working finally. I tried both of your suggestions but they didn't work for this particular report. The advanced function only gave me a running total which the customer didn't want and if I added a date in to create the Z chart, I ended up with twelve rows per column which didn't work.

In the end I added a sub query for each period using the dynamic date function e.g. (current date - x months) to (current date - x months) for example (current date - 23 months) to (current date - 11 months) and didn't mention specific months in the headers.

I will close this ticket as the the issue is resolved. thanks for your help



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