How can I set the popup time, for long running reports?

David Registro shared this question 7 years ago

Here is the pop-up I'm referring to:


I just want to be able to configure it to pop-up only when reports take longer than 20secs to load.

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Note: You can only configure this in 7.2 May 2016 or later releases.

In order to configure the wait time, you will need to add an extra parameter to your web.xml file.

(located under \yellowfin\appserver\webapps\root\web-inf)

It is strongly recommended that you backup your web.xml before proceeding.

Please add the following within the "Execution queue values" servlet if not already there


In the above example;

  • It will run 10 reports concurrently.
  • It will give reports 5secs to load, and if takes any longer it will display the wait pop-up.
  • It will only allow 240secs for a report to run.

Then restart Yellowfin for the changes to be picked up.

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