How can I find private content owned by active or deleted users?

David Registro shared this question 3 years ago

If I have users that created their own private content, and they've now been deleted how do I find these items?

Or I simply want a list of private content in my system.

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This will ONLY apply to users who have created private content.

To find private content owned by these users, you can run the queries below.

  • To find all active private reports

  1. SELECT * FROM ReportHeader
  2. where ExternalAccessCode='PERSONAL' and ReportStatusCode='OPEN'

  • To find all active private dashboards.

This is a bit trickier, as dashboards are not so easily identified. You can simply find a dashboard which has security applied, and then work it out from here. This is the query will return secured content.

  1. select * from ReportGroup
  2. where AccessCode='ACCESSLEVEL'

  • To find private reports for deleted users only

Note this is ONLY in the interim, as personal content should be deleted when you delete the user

  1. SELECT * FROM ReportHeader R
  2. INNER JOIN IpClass I ON IpId=IpOwner
  3. WHERE I.EndDate != '9999-12-31'
  4. and R.ReportStatusCode='OPEN'
  5. and R.ExternalAccessCode='PERSONAL'


We are after something similar too. As an admin we would like to see all private reports


Hey Brad,

An idea has been raised here for the ability to find all private content if you're some sort of special admin user.

Any updates on this will be posted there. Thanks for your feedback!