How can i create a YTD Advanced Function?

Alex McDOnald shared this question 2 years ago

Hi - i want to easily calculate a year to date (YTD) function in my reports. Is there a way to create my own 'Advanced Function' (as distinct from a 'calculated field')?

i want my function to return the aggregate of all amounts where the transaction date is less than x date and greater than or equal to 1 July of corresponding financial year.

can you please provide instructions on how i could achieve this



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Hello an "advanced function" is essentially a pre-defined calculated field.

You can view the SQL code for the advanced function, then use that in a calculated field (freehand SQL) which then allows you to modify the paramenters or include that field in further calculations.

I hope this is of some help!

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Thanks Peter. How can I view the SQL for the advanced function?

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Hi Peter

Can you please show me how to create a report with a YTD P&L column?

i've been trying to solve this one for months now and for what i expected to be very simple it is frustratingly difficult.

My data is as per the original file i attached to this thread.

thank you