how can I create a report/view via JAVA API programmaticaly (not web-browser)?

Dmitry shared this question 5 years ago

Hi All,

I need help with creating reports and views via Java API programmatically. The goal is to create a user via API and then to create a set of views for this user automatically via calls to your API. I have no problem with creating a user via API, but I'm stuck with creating a view for this user.

I use the jar called yellowfin-20171204-full.

1) How can views and reports be created via yellowfin Java API?

2) As far as I understand, I can't create a Report via API, I can only create it manually via the web, then programmatically export the XML via EXPORTCONTENT method and then use IMPORTCONTENT to import this XML for different users. Is that correct?

Thank you

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Hi Dmitry,

Unfortunately it is not possible to create reports or views programatically. Some clients have ways to get around this, but that proves to be quite a maintenance nightmare down the line, especially as it comes time to upgrade their Yellowfin instance, so I highly recommend not taking this approach.

The Yellowfin reporting web-service is more focused around consuming pre-existing reports, where the report creation is still done within the interface.

That said there should be other options to achieve what you are seeking. Neither views or reports should need to be specific to a client.

I would look into a few other options such as combining data source substitution, client org, and access filters to achieve a client by client customization. As you guys are still quite early in the on-boarding process it might be best to schedule a few hours with a consultant who can dive a bit more into your specific use-case and recommend some solutions that are more inline with our standard best practices.

I am going to include your account manager, Annie Wood, into this ticket as she is typically the one who arranges this sort of thing.



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