How can I aggregate my date/timestamp by MMM yyyy?

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I have a timestamp column, and I want to return it as MMM yyyy.

It needs to aggregates by Month / Year, I don't want to see duplicate rows.

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This is all done quite easily with the date converters found at the view level, and then applying a MMM yyyy format.

In this instance, you would want to convert your data to return unique month / year, but the same day date.

So using the Month Start Date converter, then formatting it as MMM yyyy will give you the results your'e after.

Step 1.

Apply your date converter choosing Month Start Date as the conversion and Format type.


Step 2

Format your column as MMM yyyy.


It's that simple!

Below shows the original column , converted column, then converted + format column


Please reach out to us if you have further questions on this, or run into any troubles.


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