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Dominic Alfonsi shared this question 7 years ago

Hi Team,

We have been dabbling a bit in the chart embedding functionality.

Our Dashboards all have a License with Concurrency Mode Disabled but have found during testing that the same user can be logged onto many instance of an embedded chart on multiple machines with no issues.

In addition to this our Dashboard is configured to 'Kill Remote' if a user logs in from multiple machines.

We have some concern that our Users will Embed charts to their intranet ect. and potentially bypass the Concurrency functionality.

Is there a setting somewhere in Yellowfin that we can kill an embedded session if logged onto from multiple hosts?

We are using Version 7.2, Build 20160727



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Sorry for the delay in response!

Your issue depends on how the user is accessing the report. If the report is unsecure, and you have a multicast licence, then it's most likely an issue where the reports are simply being run as the 'guest' account, which will allow you to run that report multiple times across browsers.

But with a guest account, the role functions are usually disabled for everything but running reports, which means even if they manage to use the same session with actual YF, they can't do anything.

We need to know if this is all reports, and the security of the report/category, and if you have allowed external access with multicast licence.

Do you get prompted to login prior to viewing the content?

Best regards,



Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply.

In order to explain our setup, I took one of our client license as example.


As you can see that, we setup multicast as 0, concurrent users as 0 as well.

In terms of security, for each report, we setup as follows:

1. public access


2. Unsecture broadcast / email


Does the setup causes this issue?

Much appreciate if you could advise us how to resolve those issues.



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