Formatting Axis Tick Values Based on the Underlying Data

Andrew Clauson shared this question 3 years ago

I have a line chart plotting percentage values. I can set up the view field, the report builder, and the chart tooltip to display these correctly (i.e. show 10.00% instead of 0.1). However, the chart's Y axis doesn't appear to inherit these settings - it only shows the numeric result.

Adding a "%" suffix to the axis tick values doesn't solve the problem, as it doesn't move the decimal place (per the example above, it would show 0.1% instead of 10.00%).

I've also tried the "convert" option on the field at the view level (numeric divide by 0.01) in an attempt to effectively multiply the field value by 100, set it as a numeric, then add a "%" suffix. That doesn't work either; not in the report builder, and not in the axis formatting settings in the chart builder.

I realize a "solution" to this problem is to create a calculated field that multiplies my target field by 100. However, I have a large number of percentage metric fields, so this would be a) very time consuming and b) create a lot of confusion for users in the report builder as to which field they should use.

Is there any other way I can accomplish this?

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Thanks, Simon. I’ve figured out how to get the “convert” approach working by turning off aggregation for the metric at the report level. This has solved my problem for now.


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