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Alexandre Elias shared this question 3 years ago


I´ve made a report using Arial Narrow font in some charts title.

After that I´ve exported this report and imported it into another computer (another yf installation, but same version and build YF 7.1. build 20150922)

This titles was imported using another font (Ahoni). Editing the imported report I realize the Arial Narrow does not exist in the yf I´ve imported the report.

How can I be sure all the fonts I´m using are available?


Alexandre Elias

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Hi Alexandre,

Thanks for your question.

Yellowfin doesn't install fonts, it gets the fonts from the Java installation and the operating system.

If you are missing the font on the other computer, it looks like the font is missing on the operating system.

You may need to search on google and install the font depending on the operating system you are using.

Please let me know how did you go with it or if you have any questions.




Hi Mahe

Thanks for your quick answer

As we will install the report into different operating system I´ll only use standard fonts that should be always available.

Best regards