Exporting section tabbed and summary report to XLSX

Swetha shared this idea 15 months ago
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I have a report with sections and each value of the field used in section will be displayed in tabs. Plus there is also a section summary with label and total. Clicking on a label will navigate to the right tab for users to see breakdown info.

Is there a way to export this report in excel and still see all of this as seen in yellowfin- this would mean the section summary comes in sheet1 of the excel export and breakdown is seen in subsequent sheets?

Currently when I tried exporting this report in yellowfin

Section summary information is not exported. Only the tab level info is exported (seen in the sample as branch level info)

All the tabs are exported in a single sheet.

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Hi Swetha,

I have created an idea ticket to keep track of this enhancement request.

So once this is implemented, we will let you know.

I haven't added screenshots to this idea here as this is open to public.

Please reply back if you have any questions.