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Rohan Hazarika shared this question 3 years ago


Im having issues when using the dynamic date filter on my 'Set Analysis' function.

When i select the predefined period as yesterday, the data comes up fine. However, if i use current day-1 there is no data displayed.

I'm guessing this is because current day is taking the timestamp as well. How do i get around this? I need to filter on current day-3 to current day-2.

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Hi Simon

Timezone is not an issue here.

And im not sure what the difference is between 'Yesterday' and 'Current Date - 1 Day'. I would assume them to return the same value. Or are you saying that the way 'Yesterday' and 'Current Date - 1 Day' fetches the data is different ways?


Hey Simon,

I dont have the filter on my report. The report contains all my data stretching back to 2years.

I am building 4 charts based on the data in the report with the differentiation between the 4 charts being :

1. Data for yesterday

2. Data for day before yesterday

3. Data for last 7 days

4. Data for current month

I am the 4 different charts on the same report (since the underlying data is the same). To differentiate between the days, i am using the 'Set Analysis' function.

When configured like below, because of choosing yesterday, it works fine.


But now, for the day before yesterday chart, there is no pre-defined period. As such i am setting it to 'Current Day - 1' but it doesnt work.


I am guessing that 'current day -1' is looking at my current time (21/06/2021 4:17:00) and subtracting 24hrs and trying to get a value for (20/06/2021 4:17:00)


'Yesterday' is truncating my current time (21/06/2021 4:17:00) to just a date (20/06/2021 00:00) and then subtracting 1 day from it. and getting (20/06/2021 00:00:00) .

If thats the case, how can i create a chart to show values for 'day before yesterday'


yes, that worked. Thanks again


Thanks for the confirmation Rohan!

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