Duplicate entry found error (Signals)

Vefa Gulecyuz shared this question 4 years ago

Hi guys, I receive below error multiple times for several dates while a Signal is running.

Duplicate entry found for 2020-01-12T00:00. In-memory aggregation is required. This can affect system performance, consider using a date field with correct granularity.

My date field is daily data in the attached format. I am trying to detect Signals on a weekly basis. I had similar Signals before on different datasets without this error.

My signal settings are also attached. All other parameters are default.

Why do you think this is happening?


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And even though it completed the run successfully (but rather slowly) for the first two times, I received the attached fail note on Monitor Signals page.

In the logs it says: YF:2020-01-28 13:28:44: WARN (DBAction:safeDisconnect) - Null Connection - couldn't terminate...


Hi Simon, thanks for the reply. Logs are uploaded: logs_vefa_30-01.zip


Hi Simon, thanks for the explanation.

I will try to use a date function with the granularity used in Signal settings. I hope this will improve performance.

You can close the ticket, thanks.

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