Download link for yellowfin 9

Andrija Horvat shared this question 3 days ago
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We are in the process of upgrading our yellowfin from version 7.4.7 to version 9 but we can't find the download link for version 9 anywhere, including the license email it takes us to: where we can only see up to 8.0.5 (to which we have upgraded atm).

Is anybody capable of providing the download link for version 9?

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Hi Andrija,

I hope all is well,

Unfortunately Yellowfin have yet to release version 9, I believe we are days away from officially doing this. Going forward we do have a way of getting a hold of our BETA version, is this something that you are interested in? If so can I ask who your contact (account manager) is here at Yellowfin?

I would be happy to assist with this.