Dockerising Yellowfin and using the same image across environments

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HI Team ,

We are using single node of Yellowfin 7.4.12 version on CentOS operating system. We have multiple environments like Dev, QA, UAT , Prod.

We are planning to dockerise yellowfin version by building an image and using the same image with config changes to deploy across all environments . ie. single image with change in config and parameters.

As per this link in the community , , we started building the image.

Below are the challenges we are facing:

1. Since we already have Yellowfin up and running in all the environments , how to custom build this image to suit all environments. Because if we build the image from scratch we need to specify the hostDB and its credentials to install yellowfin . Since the hostDB and credentials are different in each environment , how to handle this in building the image using the file.

if we do full installation , it will wipe out all the data in the DB . Is there any config to stop this?

Our goal is to use a single image and deploy it across environments. Is this achievable?

2. The other files which could changes across environments are web.xml ,server.xml and few parameters in (setting JVM) . So how to accommodate these files while building the appserver folder specific to the environment .

Kindly let us know , how to proceed further


Sanjay B S

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Hi Sanjay,

Thank you for reaching out to us on this. The article we provided is a guideline for how to create your own images, though anything further than that requires factoring in environmental variables, and as such is not something we can really cater for with documentation.

However we can definitely help you with this via consulting services. Would you like me to start the discussion with your CSM on this?