Different PDF results for broadcasts for registered yf users vs Broadcast recipients - ExternalEmail

Chris Lindley shared this question 1 week ago
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Broadcast recipients (external email addresses) in a broadcast report are not seeing some of the co-related reports in PDF broadcast as registered YF users that receive the same broadcast.

The registered YF users see a total of 12 reports that are corelated, while the external email recipients only 6 of the corelated reports.

We have a multicast license.

We are running YF - 7.35 Build 20180226

Would appreciate your help in this.


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch. This issue is most likely related to permissions for the Categories/Folders in which these reports live, the permissions on the report and/or the permissions on the view for the 6 reports which are not showing. I would suggest comparing all of these permissions with some of the reports which are working, to isolate which one might be causing this. You can get some more information on these areas such as

Folder Security/Access : https://wiki.yellowfinbi.com/display/USER74/Content+Folders

Report Security/Access : https://wiki.yellowfinbi.com/display/USER74/Saving+a+Report

View Security: https://wiki.yellowfinbi.com/display/USER74/View+Security

If you can please take a look at the above and do some comparisons, you should find where the differences are. If you need further help, please let me know.