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Yaniv Rahav shared this question 4 years ago

Heatmaps: Is there a way for me to define regions on a map based on postcode groupings? (eg: 'sydney south','sydney hills area' etc..). I'd like to colour-code them. I looked into setting up a new reference code group, but unlike 'countries', there is no ISO code to link to. How do I highlight these regions on the map?

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Worked it out.

Created a table that has three fields: region code, postcode, value. Created a GIS map on this table giving each value a different colour. Now I can layer other heatmaps on top of this layer.


Hi Yaniv,

Thank you for submitting this ticket and thank you for answering this yourself. I am pleased all is well. I will now go ahead and mark this Question as "Answered" I hope this is ok.