Default values for Legend and Axis sort/sort by

Stefan Dicu shared this question 3 years ago

Hi team,

We have migrated from 7.4 to 9.4 version and i've noticed that all out charts are a bit messed because the Legend and Axis Sorting are set by default to AUTO.

Where can i go in setting to change for example the default position of legend to Bottom instead of right side? Similar for Axis sorting from Auto to Ascending and Sort By from Auto by Alphanumeric.


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OK thanks for your answer. I have one more. So if i set everything that i want the way i want now and then i deploy YF on a new server, what configuration files do i need to copy in order to get the styling that i want? I am talking about this paragraph:" Any configuration option that has been modified from its default value will not be changed. If you want to take some of the new default styling, we recommend installing a fresh build and then taking the configuration settings from that installation and applying those to your existing installation."


Hi Simon, indeed i was reading this backwards, to migrate styling settings over the new installation by copying some files... It is clear now, thanks - please close this.

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