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Sumit shared this question 6 years ago

What if I enter 23 hours under Default Cache Period in View Options( ref attachment)

Does it mean view ll be refreshed in every 23 hours? But 23 hrs starting from midnight or some other time?

Please help me understand what is this option used for and how different it is from scheduling refresh time at report level?

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Hi Sumit,

It means the queried data stored in the cache will be update every 23 hours from the time you set the Default Cache Period option in the view.

This feature is useful for performance reasons, for example, if you know that a data source only updates its data once a day, then if you set the Default Cache Period to be 24 hours, that means that any reports that are run and re-run during the day by many users will not cause the data to be retrieved all the way from the data source but instead it will be retrieved from the cache which should be faster.

Scheduling refresh time at the report level is a very different feature, it is all to do with the report version history concept and you must have that enabled in the report's Content Folder for it to be available. If I have set it to refresh every 1 minute, then after a while there will be the following report versions available:


I hope that helps!






you're welcome!

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