Date filter without time element

Craig Hazell shared this question 1 month ago
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I have a date field in a view and I'm looking to add a filter based on this in a report. When I run the report, the filter always chooses the current time which is not suitable, I need it to not filter based on the time or to default to 00:00:00.

The date field is purely a date e.g. convert(date,field) and so there is no time element.

Is this possible?

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Hi Craig,

Thanks for reaching out with your issue.

I'm trying to recreate your situation on our side, so far I've been able to successfully define a date filter value in a report using Filter Formatting options: dabb573939aa31c865741832c43cafe4

This filter is applied as defined when I run the report. The timestamp below the title is the time at which the report is run:21e9fd4bd5cd039f6f93ba8982e77afa

One thing of note - there is no time reference at all in my filter - 00ca31627273d90b1376bb9c190c9e38

Could you help me attempt to replicate this issue by providing some additional information -

-screenshots of the behavior

-screenshots of the filter's configuration

-sql statement of the report



Hi Craig,

Just wanted to check in as I have not heard from you in some time. Were you still interested in support on this issue?




Hi Eric,

Yes I would still like some help with this please.

I will gather the information you have asked for and get back to you


Hi Craig,

Replying for Eric as he's out the remainder of the week.

Thanks for the update, we look forward to your reply.

- Ryan