Date Filter Display text issue

Shankar Sappani shared this question 5 years ago

The date filter displays additional text in the suffix while displaying the selected filter value.

While selecting "Last 7 days" in the date filter, the display text populate it as "Last 7 Days - This Calendar Month"

"Last Calendar Month" selection displays as "Last Calendar Month - This Calendar Month"

The underlying SQL statement populates proper date value based on the selection. However, the display text confuse the users.

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This question is marked answered but I don't see an answer here. Can you point me to the response?


Hey Crystal,

I hope you are well!

This was a duplicated post and was answered in a private ticket - as this is a ticket with your colleagues in Clever Devices - I have added you to the ticket so you can view the private post linked here <<

I will go ahead and mark this duplicated post as closed and I hope you find the answers you are looking for in the private ticket :)

Best Wishes,


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