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I am importing reports with the IMPORTREPORTNOVALIDATION command. Upon import the database host field is left without the server name. Is there something missing in my SOAP request? alternatively, is there a field in the xml content that I could update with this information?

my SOAP body looks like this.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=`"`" xmlns:web=`"`">




























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Hi Austin,

Looking at your SOAP request it appears to be correct. Can you run a test with a full hardcoded url including the server name to see if this passes through correctly? I just want to see if there is an issue with the yellowfin processing the input or if there may be an issue with the $sqlServerName coming in correctly? Can you also upload your log files to after running this import (both a hardcoded and a $sqlServerName parameter version) so I can see what details yellowfin is taking in?




Hi Neal, it appears that I was overconfident about my sqlServerName variable. It looks like it was not getting passed correctly. I fixed the issue, and HOSTNAME is now populated correctly.

I am encountering other issues however.

Fisrt, I have an access filter with refresh toggles on, but when I export the file indicates toggles are off.









'USERID' as IdentifierType,

[loginname]as Identifier,

'OrganizationId' as ReferenceType,

[organizationid] as 'ReferenceId'

from Yellowfinsecurityaccess</filterSql>









Second, when I test connection I get this error. I am not sure what it means, but I think it has to do with the password being empty. Would I see a password if it were getting loaded? /78026ec003a5cc4ab01d2a79c80616c4


Hi Austin,

To try and better diagnose the connection failure, can you please send me your logs (catalina, source, jdbc and yellowfin) please from /yfinstall/appserver/logs and I will see if there is anything obvious in there. Before sending these through, can you try to test the connection and note down the time of this so I can narrow my focus to this.

As for the access filter, does this update correctly but the export does not look correct? Or does this not work as expected? If it is the later, let me know the time of day it is set to update the list and I can have a look in the logs for any errors present.




Hi Austin,

Hope you are well. I am following up on this issue to see if you have been able to resolve this issue? If not, could you please provide your log files so we can further diagnose this.




Hi Austin,

I hope things are going well over there.

Just wanted to let you know I'll be closing this request due to inactivity. However, if you ever wanted to re-visit this or have anything else I can help you with, please let me know.



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