Data source issue

Steven Sun shared this question 18 months ago

Hi Team,

I created one dashboards with 2 reports Aug last year, copy existing source and view, until recently I found there is no data refreshing while the original reports work fine.

I tested connection for my created source, it's available, I'm totally confused.

I'm trying to change the new view bounding to original source, but seems no change after I save.

Can anyone help advise me?

Regards and thanks.

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Hi Steven,

Thank you for your message.

To clarify, you one original Report and one copied Report. The original Report is working as expected, however, the copied Report does not populate with any data?

Or is your issue that you have an original View and a copied View, and the copied View is not populating data as expected?

Would you be able to send through some screenshots of the behaviour that you are mentioning so that I may understand your issue a little better? As I've mentioned in prior tickets, version 7.1 is no longer supported, and upgrading is the best course of action, however, I will attempt pointing you in the right direction.

Kind regards,



Hi Simon,

I've rebuilt whole reports and dashboard.

Think we can close this ticket now.

Thank you!